Some cargo bikes don’t need pedals or a seat


“Bakfiets” and other cargo bicycles are becoming the rage as people cut back on fossil fuels (not to mention self-righteous hipsters moving across Brooklyn).

Yours truly has a checkered past of trying to haul lots of stuff using footbikes, and after advising a few folks to zip-tie baskets to racks, I thought I might try it myself.

Wald Sports (whose down-home catalogs I’ve been reading since the ‘seventies) makes a large line of terrific baskets; their 139 is 18 x 13 x 6 inches and zip-tied right onto a Jandd “Extreme” front rack for a large and sturdy platform, without messing around with brackets and the like. It holds two shopping bags, and so while it’s no Cargo Trike, it will hold about as much as the Bakfiets Cargo Lite and more than the PickUp. Shall we call it a bakfietstep?

The empty basket is very light, too, and, of course, not unaerodynamic, so it makes an easy little cargo bay for anything that might be picked up whilst kicking around town. I might even zip a 137 to my commuter scooter.


2 Responses

  1. PH–
    Great photo, and great commuter set up. Will you post a copy of this photo at FBUSA with some works o’ wisdom?

    Also—-just fer kicks, check out this nifty rack we found at Interbike.

    Soon to be found on the site, very strong, super fast install/removal as needed.

  2. “Great photo, and great commuter set up. Will you post a copy of this photo at FBUSA with some works o’ wisdom?”

    Have just done so; thanks. Saw the Freeload racks on your ‘blog’s Interbike report: pretty elegant-looking. Also looks as if new longer links were hacked, the rack might fit on a footbike rear fork, too (although the load would have to be compact so it wouldn’t get kicked off the bike).

    Good for you, guys, to have accessories to complement the bikes…

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