Fantasy Footbikes: Raleigh Clubman

'Raleigh Clubman' footbike

Beginning an occasional series of imaginary footbikes paying homage to the great bicycles of the past (and maybe present – but they don’t make ’em like they used to). Today, the classic Raleigh Clubman. (Click on the pic for a larger version.)


2 Responses

  1. Hey!! Very clever and a cool idea. There has to be somebody out there in ‘cut and weld’ land that could take your vision and kick with it!

  2. Thanks, Jeff – I do have a recurring fever-dream of putting alloy versions of the handlebars, brakes, front wheel etc. of a Raleigh 3-speed onto my G3 Kickbike City Cruiser (a G3 Kickbike uses caliper brakes) and lettering R A L E I G H on the downtube.

    I owned an old Nottingham Raleigh 3-speed once – a beautiful bicycle. Some time in the future I’ll paint that vision for the Fantasy Footbikes, but it’s too close to the Clubman for now…

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