Evangelizing by example

Friendly footbikerIt appears that one of the simplest but most effective ways to publicize footbiking is to be seen doing it. I’ve been concentrating on racking up the miles lately, and a way to keep it interesting is to go lots of places. A corollary to that is that I’m seen by lots of people.

I’m getting used to folks voicing approving comments – kids dig it: There’s that bike-scooter! Cool! A teenaged surfer with a board mounted on his beach cruiser passed me, and in the matter-of-fact tone that hip, blasé youngsters use, stated, That’s awesome. The uniqueness factor seems to spark much of the interest.

I’m sensitive to people rubber-necking in my direction, too, when we pass, and throw ’em a smile, and return waves when I get them. This attention comes from kids and pedestrians all the way up to serious bicyclists and is overwhelmingly positive, and as I had hoped, some are even finding more information on the ‘net.

This morning a fellow called to me from his yard on a side street, interested in the scooter. I gave him the short history, about how a Finnish sled-racer had developed it so as to be able to train in the summer. Indicating the name on the downtube, I said, It’s a Kickbike…

I know; my interviewer said, I looked it up on the Internet.

So when you kick, be seen, and be friendly. Something’s gotta give!


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