Off-topic: Brompton World Championships

Brompton WorldsNot completely off-topic, but mostly. One of the many things I like about footbiking is being able to wear street clothes. Well, the Brompton folding-bike people hold a series of World Championship races, in which the mandatory race uniform is a blazer or suit jacket, collared shirt and tie.

One of the races’ most famous competitors is three-time Tour of Spain winner Roberto Heras, at center in the photo above.

Almost enough to make one want to mount a Brompton – well, not really. But it sure would be fun to spectate on a footbike … in a suit.


2 Responses

  1. I used to own and ride a Mouton bike which I would ride to work in a full suit. I was only complaining the other day to the partner that bike riding has gone down a route that now is engineered to be so exotic that it now has its own special dress code. Maybe not in Copenhagen perhaps, but the bike has become an “exercise” vehicle more often than not rather than as a means to get from A to B.While I’m all for sweating, even scooter riding can be a relaxed affair. I often transit for kilometres by simply ‘getting off and pushing” the scooter with gear over the handelbars and jumping back on only to coast down the hills.

    No sweat up. Creased paints in tact. Faster than walking.

  2. I know; long slacks are easier on a footbike (no chain to foul) but sweatier. They can be a good governor when you want to just poke along.

    I think of the Amish who ride scooters, but would never wear “immodest” shorts.

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