Rita Hayworth on a scooter!

Rita Hayworth on scooterJust found this picture of vintage film star Rita Hayworth onboard a giant scooter, during the filming of Human Cargo. Behind her – ah – you can see lots of clearance between the rear tire and the fender, which suggests the eccentrically wheeled Ingo-Bike, also enjoyed by Curly Howard.


3 Responses

  1. Great picture! I wondered, do you have more information on these vintage scooters? Like some old catalogue, more pictures, anything? This is about the only picture I could find on the web, and the only prove that these things were sold in the first half of the 20th century…

  2. @Kdd,

    There are a few more pictures on flickr, some put up by Peter Wagner, who makes the modern-day variant called the Whymcycle (pronounced “whimsical”).

    Here are a few more pics.

    A Clusty.com search for “Ingo bike” turns up quite a few links…

  3. Thanks a lot !

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