On this day in 1819 the bicycle was patented. Okay

Draisine scooterBut we know people must have been scooting around already. Wikipedia says, “Primitive scooters have been hand-made in industrial urban areas for at least 100 years,” but that’s way conservative.


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  1. Hey Pete, We discussed this thing on the KB forum, some years back. The guy who sold Kickbike to the current outfit, Harald Fricker, said that his grandparents are buried right next to the inventor of the “Draisine”. Baron Ludwig Drais von Sauerbronne is the shortened form of his name. Interesting that Harald wound up selling something that originated in his ancestral home 160 years ago.
    Love your blog, by the way!

    Bob Dymond

  2. Thanks, Bob.

    So that cemetery is a hotbed of historic cycling and scooting!

    I’ve become interested in the evolution of the scooter – forked from the Draisine, alongside the bicycle, or descended from the bicycle, or dreamed up of whole cloth, or what?

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