It lives! Mogo resurrected, for now

Mogo scooterIt looks like the mysterious Mogo, which vanished from the ‘net like a thief in the night, is [on sale again | sold out] through the Sportsman’s Guide catalog.

The description has its entertaining aspect: for instance, the scoot comes with “spoked wheels for stability.” Also a front fender, or “mud deflector,” even though the frame will deflect most mud, but no rear fender, without which said mud will absolutely put a stripe right up your back.

Thanks to John V. for the heads-up.


2 Responses

  1. I just got mine (through It’s in official Mogo packaging. I think they just got a deal on them when they went out of business (I’m assuming that’s what happened).

  2. I have an idea they were produced in the Footbike factory, but with generic parts and a HiTen frame (which most Kickbikes have) instead of Cromoly. It should certainly be a lot of scooter for the $.

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