The back-door man

For a lark I took my stepcross to my local woods to spectate a 5k footrace. A lot of the runners were impressed by the bike, especially a girl who had injured herself, when I told her that a lot of runners “my age,” who were tired of injuries, were becoming scooterers.

On the other hand I saw the same kind of community I used to enjoy in my bicycle-racing days.

I had tried running and managed 5 miles a day until I discovered bicycle racing (this was 30 years ago). When I moved away from New York city (where it was easy to race), I continued commuting but stopped racing – and gained 50 lbs (23 kilos).

Well, the footbike took back 25 lbs (11 kilos) so far and gave me some upper-body muscle, which was never developed by bicycle-racing. (I was a 125-lb [57-kilo] hill-climber, not a muscled sprinter.) And it seems to have been very good for my running.

So I might take up running again, so as to have some company while I sweat. (Local bicycle racers can be counted on the toes of one foot here, and I no longer have the money for equipment and travel. And who knows where the nearest footbiker is! There are plenty of footraces and a big running club right here.)

But my footbikes’ roles will not diminish: I commute on them and they are still more fun than either bicycles or running. Maybe I can show some local runners how good they can be for cross-training and usher in a footbike age through the back door, as it were. Bwa-ha-ha!


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