Putting the ‘spark’ in kicksledding

Kickspark raceHere in the horse latitudes, winter isn’t that much different than summer – colder, but snow is a rarity and the ocean just won’t freeze over. A few more layers of clothing will see you comfortably on your footbike for the season.

But up north, in the land where the footbike began (not to mention up north here in the U.S.A.), there’s an opportunity for a whole ‘nother kind of scooting: the kickspark, or racing kicksled.

And lo, the Finland Ice Marathon is approaching; mainly for skaters, it is also where the Finnish 100 km kickspark championships are held.

Read about the upcoming Finland Ice Marathon »


2 Responses

  1. Hi Pete,
    Great blog! Here’s a link to the Viktor Balck 100 km kicksled event web page on potku.fi – http://www.potku.fi/balckhome/
    It has the history of the event, all the results, and stories – including the late Ville Vickholm’s account of his record breaking kick in 1999.
    John V.

  2. Hi John,
    Thanks, and thanks for the site. _Almost_ makes me wish I was back up north, where the Hudson river rarely froze, but the Croton river often did.

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