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A small-wheeled scooter worth a good look

Mibo Basic picOn the Kickbiking mail list the subject of folding scooters has come up. A new member is inquiring into his first footbike, and he’s looking to accommodate two conditions: he’d like to be able to take it aboard trains and buses, and he lives near a lot of hills.

The replies heavily featured the Czech Mibo scooter, which is built by a company that gets sport scooters. They apparently have around 12″ wheels (on this one spec the website is silent), but with fat pneumatic tires: pump them to 35 psi for comfort, or 85 psi for performance.

And performance there is: the Courage model (we like the name) is intended for freestyle, acrobatics, as well as competitive cross-country and street racing. In fact there are more than a few wild YouTube videos showing the freestyle Mibo in action.

The deck height is about 2 inches; a very desirable trait for efficiency, and the build quality is very good (even on their folding model). In fact the scooter seems very well thought-out.

As to hills, our newcomer has heard that it’s harder to push a 700c front wheel up one than a smaller scooter. I can only comment on 700c-wheeled bikes – maybe I’d better get a Mibo for research!

And, the icing on the cake as far as I’m concerned: fenders and a front rack. The U.S. importer is here.


4 Responses

  1. big wheel ; little wheel no difference going uphill; the only difference is that a big wheel is minorly better able to navigate over potholes and pits ; the slower revolutions of the big wheel mean less friction on the hub bearings ; high precision bearings make this moot
    little green man <===16″ scoot rider

  2. I thought that was a fantastic post. I think I’ll create a blog post and link to it.

  3. I take up the folding quest here:Considering a Folding Scooter I check out the Mibo Comfort scooter from Czechoslovakia.But it was this original post that got me going in the Czech direction.

  4. pro scooter parts…

    […]A small-wheeled scooter worth a good look « SCOOTER-SPORT.com[…]…

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