Moms can do it, too – really do it

Tracey Lunniss on her KickbikeFunny thing about footbikes: kids can scooter all day long, but when adults first step on one they can hit the wall pretty quickly.

I had thought I was in shape (I had raced bicycles, although 20 years ago), so when I got my first Kickbike, I took off around the block. When I got back to the house I was shakin’ all over and had sweated through my clothes.

We forget what good shape kids are in – or were, back in the day.

But stick with it, and soon you’ll be craving your daily miles. You’ll also learn how to move pretty fast while taking it easy, and probably drop a few pounds.

Tracey Lunniss, a mom in her mid-30’s, stepped on a footbike for the first time, did 8km (5 miles) and nearly died, in what she describes as her near-death experience.

But on October 12 she set an Australian national record for longest distance for a woman on a footbike.


2 Responses

  1. Yes it is true Mom’s can do it to. I started kickbiking as I wanted to get fit for my girls and be more active.
    I never imagined it would be so addictive and I love going out for my rides here in sunny Australia.
    My goal now is the World Champs in 2010. Might see you there?
    Great site by the way.
    Tracey Lunniss

  2. Thanks for the kind words. Kicking really is addictive; a better workout plus lots more fun than even cycling. Makes me feel like a kid!
    The best of luck at the Worlds in 2010. Maybe I will see you there.
    ~Pete Hummers

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