My new favorite video

Joachim SternalI had seen it among the 2008 World Championship files here but I didn’t realize how cool it was. It’s an onbike-camera movie of the men’s criterium, shot by Joachim Sternal, shown here.

You can see the camera on his handlebars. The movie is of the whole race, 31:55 mins long, from start to finish.

The first time I watched it I lost track of the bikes in the race, but it looks like Joachim started in mid-pack. A group got away from him, as racers can be seen in the far distance by about 10:00, but he did finish in 14th.

To an ex-bike racer, the sound is strange: dozens of high-pressure tires on the ground, but no freewheels or derailleurs clicking. The sound also changes when the riders move from brick to smooth pavement.

The scenery is great; even prettier than Joey Dunlop’s motorcycle lap around the Isle of Man in V-Four Victory (two wheels – good), although not quite as fast… still, these guys are bookin’! Nice, too, to be able to study the kicking styles of the racers.

It’s an inspirational .avi movie that can be downloaded in various compressions, thus various sizes, from 60 megabytes to 1100, from here, under Video made by Joachim.

Also there, are onbike videos (again, in different sizes) from the marathon race.


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